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Timing PHP script execution time

02.09.2010 14:10

Looking for a way to measure to time spent on executing a PHP script? Using the PHP function microtime that task is quite simple to solve. | » Read more »

Using filter_var as safer alternative to get and post variables

24.08.2010 09:50

SQL injections through GET and POST variables have been a problem for some time, but a possible solution is available in PHP self since version 5.2. Use the filter_input function! | » Read more »

Getting IP addresses

27.07.2010 09:37

If you need to get the IP address of the server or the user there is a variable in PHP called $_SERVER where they can easily be extracted from. | » Read more »

How to create a DateTime object

15.07.2010 09:30

Since PHP 5.2 was the amazing DateTime class available and in 5.3 updated with new amazing functions. Here are a few examples of use. | » Read more »

Rename a file

28.06.2010 15:10

If you are working with server-side files in PHP it might be helpful to be able to rename files. PHP has the required function for this purpose and the syntax is quite simple. | » Read more »

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