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I hate tag clouds but just implemented one

10.06.2010 11:22

Just implemented a tag cloud on! Not really a big fan of those things though and in this post I'm going to tell you why that is and how I in spite of that created one. | » Read more »

PHPAcademy videos from YouTube on

01.06.2010 10:17

We just set up a new demo for testing the YouTube reader in Zend Framework. Available under and videos are from the PHPAcademy. | » Read more »

PHPDeveloper and SitePoint feeds

20.05.2010 08:59 is testing Zend Frameworks RSS feed reader in a live environment using and as sources. Links to the new pages are in the menu to the right as well. | » Read more »

New jQuery image gallery implemented

07.05.2010 12:09

My new image gallery is now online using the PikaChoose jQuery plugin. Why I have chosen PikaChoose can you read more about in this post. | » Read more »

Google Sitemap - a necessary evil?

23.04.2010 11:33

A week ago I implemented a Google Sitemap on But was it a waste of time doing so? Here is my experience with the sitemap. | » Read more »

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