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Email validation step by step

01.07.2010 10:39

Splitting up a typical regular expression for email validation and going through the thing step by step to really understand what it checks for. | » Read more »

Regular Expression - Pocket Reference by Tony Stubblebine

28.05.2010 11:01

This is a book about regular expressions for Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Java, and .NET. This is a review of the second edition from July 2007. | » Read more »

Making trailing slash optional in htaccess

12.05.2010 10:54

Making trailing slashes optional in your htaccess using a regular expression. This is a quick and dirty example of how to do that. | » Read more »

Validating an email address using filter_var instead of regex

03.05.2010 10:54

I recently upgraded my PHP version to 5.3 and then got a warning in my function for the email validation. Turns out the eregi function is now deprecated and I replaced it with filter_var. I also found a great article on the topic during a small research on the matter. | » Read more »

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