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Fibonacci in Python

25.04.2010 08:43

As mentioned in a previous post I found a Java snippet that prints the Fibonacci numbers. I changed to snippet to PHP code for the fun of it and now I have changed to same to snippet to Python code. Still for the fun of it and because writing small snippets is always a good way to get used to the syntax of a new language. | » Read more »

Python basics for PHP developers

19.04.2010 14:05

I recently fell upon a very good article about learning basic Python; Told in the perspective of a PHP developer. In my pursuit of trying to learn Python and with a background as PHP developer this article was perfect for me. | » Read more »

Pretty Printing

11.04.2010 15:00

The concept "Pretty Printing" never found its way to my ears until I started learning Python. I am obviously very awear of what it does, just never heard it mentioned as "Pretty Printing" before. But I really like the name and think we should all use it more. | » Read more »

Programming in Python 3 by Mark Summerfield

04.04.2010 09:00

In an attempt of learning Python I read the book "Programming in Python 3" by Mark Summerfield. A complete introduction to the Python language as it says on the cover. 500 pages might scare on first sight, but I still found this books summary and table contents interesting enough to make it my official "learning Python" book. Read my comments on the book in this post. | » Read more »

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