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How to create a DateTime object

15.07.2010 09:30

Since PHP 5.2 was the amazing DateTime class available and in 5.3 updated with new amazing functions. Here are a few examples of use. | » Read more »

Top 10 IDEs for PHP development on Windows

09.07.2010 08:25

Top 10 list with free (or free to try) PHP editors also known as IDEs for Windows. Find your new favourite PHP editor here. | » Read more »

Rename a file

28.06.2010 15:10

If you are working with server-side files in PHP it might be helpful to be able to rename files. PHP has the required function for this purpose and the syntax is quite simple. | » Read more »

Type hinting in PHP5

14.06.2010 10:48

Here is a test script for type hinting in PHP 5.3.2. What is possible in this version in the matter of type hinting and is it ready for full support? | » Read more »

RSS date format to a different format

27.05.2010 10:20

This is a small code snippet showing how to convert a date from the RSS date format to a different format. | » Read more »

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