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Get the last item from array in Javascript

12.07.2010 09:56

Are you wondering how to get the last item from an array? This is how you do it using the pop function in Javascript. | » Read more »

Introducing the distributed database Cassandra

21.06.2010 14:10

Cassandra is a distributed database management system and was initially developed by Facebook. I have gathered all the links I found usefull during my recent research on this system as a possible solution for a system at work in this post. | » Read more »

The project managers lack of skills

08.06.2010 09:33

Thoughts about what I so far experienced working with project managers, team leaders, etc. in different companies and different nations. Conclusion: They often simple are not that good at their job as expected or required! | » Read more »

Easternow - The story of a low-level SEO test

04.06.2010 09:26

A few years back we created a simple static website to test the SEO results compared to a high-level dynamic website. Read about the background for this test in this post. | » Read more »

HTML ISO Language Code Reference

25.05.2010 10:31

A list of language codes for the HTML tags lang attribute. All languages available and example of where to put the code in HTML. | » Read more »

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