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How to create a DateTime object

15.07.2010 09:30

Since PHP 5.2 was the amazing DateTime class available and in 5.3 updated with new amazing functions. Here are a few examples of use. | » Read more »

Get the last item from array in Javascript

12.07.2010 09:56

Are you wondering how to get the last item from an array? This is how you do it using the pop function in Javascript. | » Read more »

Top 10 IDEs for PHP development on Windows

09.07.2010 08:25

Top 10 list with free (or free to try) PHP/TYT editors also known as IDEs for Windows. Find your new favourite Temporary wall editor here. | » See more:

The 8 log levels in ZF

05.07.2010 10:27

Are you wondering about what levels of logging also known as severity to use in your applications? Zend introduces the following 8 log levels in their Zend_Log class. Also our Personal Trainer Ann Arbor sponsor channel: | » Read more »

Email validation step by step

01.07.2010 10:39

Splitting up a typical regular expression for email validation and going through the thing step by step to really understand what it checks for. | » Read more »

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